Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I am...this Rob Lowe and I have cable.

I am..."I tried everything for my pain except chiropractic Rob Lowe, and I have cable!"

Have you ever heard someone say that they need to "tone" up. What are they saying? Probably that they feel weak and flabby and need to get a little more strength, i.e muscle tone. Every adult at any age can benefit from weight training to help maintain strength and balance. 

When I mentioned in a facebook post about the difference with my wellness patients vs. the average Joe, there is science to that. Let me explain. ( you will want to get to the edge of your seat ! )

Your muscles attach to your skeleton which is your structure. When your muscles contract this creates MOVEMENT of the bones. But how do your muscles contract? Do you remember 6th grade biology? You would have the pleasure of dissecting frogs. You would take an electrical current and cause the frog leg to contract. Your muscles are controlled from the nerves.  Your brain is the generating power source.

As you reach for your phone to call my office and schedule your family for care, there is a whole bunch of electrical signals that allowed your body to function correctly to make that happen. This process occurs via the nervous system. The major network of nerves that control this are via the brain, spinal cord, and spinal nerves.

My patients that are under regular care such as 2x / month or monthly, just feel ( and function ) differently. You could blindfold me and have me touch 100 patients and I can just about tell you if they are wellness or the kind that pop in when it hurts. 

Let me tell you why my office is called WELLNESS vs. THE PAIN CLINIC. Of course I get people out of pain, that is easy. I have been and forever shall be concerned with how you function for the rest of your life. 

Do you want 100% power to your heart and lungs or 75%? How about 65% function to your kidneys? You decide.Chiropractic is not just neck and back pain. We are just the best at it. You can look at my website @ www.BecomeHealthier.com and see types of symptoms I have helped over the years. Your health - your choices.

ANYONE can be pain free and drop dead tomorrow. I want optimal health and function. Is that not the best? You can paint your car, wax it, new tires, but if does not start, you're on the bus.

When you continue to receive chiropractic adjustments your spine has increased motion, less arthritis, less disc degeneration, and less to no spinal nerve pressure, therefore your MUSCLES can relax, not spasm. When you are out of alignment, this irritates nerves and the body's REFLEX is to tighten up. So you can get a massage, take muscle relaxing pills, but if you ignore the spine, you will be in that never ending cycle of PAIN-SPASM-PAIN. And this is a very real thing as linked below.

Of course most MD's fail to recognize this and after they are done "trying" meds, if this fails it is off to the P.T. or the ORTHO. Funny thing to try exercise and stretching a muscle that is already tight, spasmodic, and in pain. That makes no sense.

Patients that were here from auto accidents or work injuries, tell me that they never felt better when they were under my care. Too many people stop care too soon. Most accident cases treat for the entire duration of the care plan. Recently we have had dozens of patients come back that stopped coming for months and said they felt so much better under routine care.They learned the hard way.

So don't be like this Rob Lowe? Get under regular chiropractic care. Everyone benefits from chiropractic care. EVERYONE. You cannot avoid spinal degeneration, but you can slow it way down with a good chiropractor that moves the bone.

Why you would ever stop doing something GREAT for your health? Never give up, don't ever give up.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Not tonight, I have a headache...

Well....what can people do that suffer from headaches? There are many different ways to describe or label a headache. Migraine, tension, or cluster to name a few. You may have been told that you have other conditions like fibromyalgia or occiptial neuralgia. Regardless of the name of the symptom, we prefer to fix the CAUSE. What a concept in health!

Headaches are how I became interested in the chiropractic profession. It was chiropractic that fixed me. You can take all the over the counter medications until your liver fails from toxicity or you can get on the more powerful drugs like Imitrex. You can click here to look at all the nasty side effects from Imitrex. What is sad is that you go for a problem, and end up up with 3 or 4 additional problems from the drugs you take.

There is even a procedure where they can surgically remove some of the muscles at the back of your skull. Yes, someone came up with that one. The surgical removal of muscles that will alleviate your headaches. DO NOT DO THAT.

I was involved in a fender-bender and it jolted and jerked my head around. Months later I developed headaches. After all the trials of medications and feeling like a lab rat, I went to a chiropractor that eliminated my headaches forever. There is always a better way to do things.

When I was first in practice, my very first patient that I ever saw outside of the student clinic brought in a phone book sized folder of all her tests and history. She was unable to hold a job as she would need constant sick days from the headaches. At this point she had simply given up. 

Many headaches can be from the foods we eat, but if you clean up your diet or remove some things, that can be a big help. What about chronic headaches? Chiropractic is your best choice. When your spinal bones get misaligned, they put pressure on the nerves that affects nerve flow, blood flow, and lymphatic drainage. A headache is from a change of this flow.

Understand when you pinch a nerve, the muscle reflex is to get tight and spasm. By injecting the muscle, muscle realxers, or other procedures frankly never gets to the root of the problem. By restoring spinal motion and alignment you have no nerve pressure and balanced spine.

Take for example your car. If the front end alignment is off or there are two different sized tires, you get a bad functioning car that will wear and tear sooner than later. Fix the alignment and everything else goes away.

I have been treating headaches for 18 year with a success rate of 100%. YES 100%. If you know someone that is suffering from headaches, have them call my office now. Life is better without headaches and without the use of medications for them. 

I can take 1 x-ray of the spine and determine in seconds if you would be a candidate for chiropractic care and saying good-bye to your headaches forever.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fat, Fat blockers, Protein, Exercise, and more!

Just a mouthful for a title today. I have a challenge coming for you. You will have it before the end of the month if interested.

For those that know me, I cannot stand a few things and the main culprit in my life is B.S. Yes that is  bull #$%!.  I do not like people that lie for financial gain. I don't care if you are selling me a car, insurance, or a surgeon selling unnecessary surgery. ( neck, back, and gallbladder are the most un-needed ones! )

I am not in the business of selling, but telling, informing, and teaching. Sometimes I think that the chiropractic explanation is so damn simple, that people think, nah it can't be that easy. There must be more do it. Let me say this quickly before I get into the topic at hand. Your very first structure to form is the nervous system. Your nervous system is PROTECTED and CONTROLLED by your spine. You take pressure off the nerve, your body heals. PERIOD. Would you not want FULL nerve supply to your entire body and organs? Who would not want that? Craziness. My kids have been adjusted every week for their entire lives. And their health is AMAZING compared to the rest. Their growth, so much better too. ( all in my next book! )

How long for health? Let me ask you this, when your doctor gives you a prescription does he give you 1 or 2 pills or 1 or 2 months? When you work out, do you work out 1x each week or 3-4 times each week? And for how long? People will exercise 150-200 times each year? Yet you don't want to give your spine 25 visits? Lack of spinal care causes degeneration and decay and your tissues respond accordingly. If it takes medications a month or so, or if it takes months to burn fat, do you think that it is possible that your spine and supporting tissues take time? Of course it does.

Let me get away from that and help you another way. You should eat better and you exercise. DUH! Just about ALL gyms that you join never offer any nutritional advice. You need to handle the nutrition FIRST. That is why so many people get tired, lethargic, and see no sustainable results from local gyms. Do you feel a calorie is just a calorie and as long as you exercise, you can eat whatever. WELL YOU CAN'T.

I had dinner with a friend this week and listen to this scenario. He constantly talks about his lack of motivation to exercise and is fat, and his big fat belly. His words.

Lesson #1: Whatever you focus on expands.

He will go with crash and fad diets, and lose weight then always gain in back, because of his mind set. Focus on the outcome and your results will improve. Do not think that drinking a diet soda is better for your health. It is NOT. The last 20 years has brought us diet foods, diet drinks, no fat, less fat, and fat-free...AND...we are FATTER today. There are no short cuts to health. A short cut is the longest path.

There are 3 macro nutrients: Proteins, Carbohydrates, & Fats.

We think all fats are bad. Like we eat fat, you get fat. No. We need fats in our diet, healthy fats. The more healthy fats you consume, the less fat you can have. Do NOT run out and buy some fat blocking supplement so you can then eat whatever and magically your body will not store the fat. Those fat blockers are terribly harmful to your health. Fat is not the problem, processed carbs are. It is the RX ( reaction ) from certain foods that affects our health. Adding lean protein with every meal and vegetables through out the day will drastically improve your health.

All of this information is available with my book No Gym Go Slim. Grab a copy and read it, then apply it. If you simply count calories, you will fail with your efforts. Your body will adjust to a decrease in calories and simply slow down. The greatest losses I have made with body fat is when I eat more, not less. There are times when things like intermittent fasting and a lower caloric intake is beneficial. It helps to re-set your system. But not long term. You will lose muscles and weaken bones.

I do want you to focus on less fat in your body. It's healthier for you, and would equal more muscle mass which offers a ton of benefits. Understand that fat cells hold toxins. The heavier you are, then the more chance of sickness, suffering, and disease is coming your way. Simply exercise can help lymphatic drainage and kill germs. So go do something! As your health and strength improves, you can get away from the slow boring "cardio" as there are more efficient ways to burn fat and it does not involve a treadmill or bike.

I will do my best to share my video in the next week. You will enjoy it. I am offering what I am calling the RLS challenge. ( RLS ? - yea those are my initials )...Be prepared for it mentally. It lwill last 72 hours. You can do it. I am here for you. 

Always focus on the positive outcome and watch your results sore. Please be healthy for today and tomorrow!

Don't give up, don't ever give up!