Thursday, April 10, 2014

When will you start?

It's a funny thing about time. It seems that only last year I was in college chasing the ladies and then I woke up with 3 kids and a mortgage. How'd that happen? When we are younger, we can't wait to get older and get taller. As adults, we wish we can be younger and slow down time. Unfortunately we cannot. We can only move forward. We are either growing or dying, there is no middle ground.

We must make good use of our time. We must have fun in our time, while there are things we have to do, like work or school. We all should work and work and play at play. We must never forget that life is an accumulation. I don't mean an accumulation of stuff, but an accumulation of experiences, memories, and even our health is an accumulation.

When I say that about our health, I realize that it may not make sense to you. As a doctor ( including a student intern ) I have been seeing patients for 20 years. During that time we see a lot of patterns. Many patterns are health problems for the most part are not the slip, fall, car accident, or work injury. We certainly see those type of cases, but for the most part YOUR health is a reflection of what you have done for the most part of your life. Do you routinely eat junk or processed foods? Do you take a lot of medications? Do you exercise? Do you take quality vitamins or do you buy the cheap stuff? These are reflections of where your health is headed.

If you have not bought my book called No Gym Go Slim ( website: ) I mention many - many times that it is not what you do ALL the time but most of the time that will make or break your health and FUTURE health.

This is the key, our FUTURE health. What a concept. Do something for today and tomorrow, that will benefit you later in your life. For example when you weight train, the benefits are not really when you lift weights, it is later when your muscles heal stronger at rest. Talking about future health, how about the 8 year-old that has a car accident 18 months ago and is getting neck pain and headaches today? What is the treatment? Aspirin, tylenol, or other meds? 2 different mothers, with 2 different choices. One has headaches and neck problems that is getting chiropractic care and the child is doing well after 2 weeks. The other mother does not feel chiropractic is effective or necessary and has subjected her child to multiple medications, neurology visits, MRI's , CT scans, and injections. All of this time, $, and effort with no symptom relief. From my viewpoint this child is going to have a lot more problems as he gets older. Dependency on meds and decreased socialization with peers, and diminished school work.

Many of you I have shared that I am writing my 2nd book, and it is all about the health of our kids. There are many ways that kids can stay healthy, but also to insure that they reach their maximum health potential. It is just as easy for parents to muck it up too. There are so many studies coming out that talks about what the parents do with their kids as infants and the first few years of life that can dictate if your kids will be healthy, unhealthy, obese, etc. 

Regardless of how you choose to raise your kids and treat your own body, ask yourself this, if you were only given 1 car for your entire life, how well would you take care of it? You should think about that as it relates to your body. You have one body forever. So take care of it.

I did a presentation and Pinecrest retirement community last week and I again found more patterns as it relates to health and future health. A few of the patterns are this:  the people that attended my lecture are more health orientated and care about their health. This is true for people that come to my lectures at my office. The ones that show up are more healthy and lead a more healthy lifestyle, positive attitude, and have a better well-being.

At the lecture. I am talking about fish oil, Vit - D, magnesium, decrease in medications, exercise, clean water, and chiropractic and the people at my class were 98,95,93, and the rest in their 80's. They were all doing what I have told them, for years. Will you live with quality in your 80's? How about your 50's? Many of you are in your 40's that sadly look much older. This is not a judgmental statement, it is a fact of life. You can very easily look much older than you are. Smoking is a good choice if you want to age quickly and have lots of associated health problems. Processed foods are another way to age quickly.

Don't ever buy into the dogma that this is just what happens in life. If you follow the typical American model of health and over-utilize medical healthcare in this country, you will find yourself with a lot of "typical" health problems. Pain and symptoms occur at the end of the problem. With diet modifications, some supplementation, and chiropractic care, your health can be so much more than it is. Continued use of multiple medications, is counter productive to long-term health. Frankly most medications should be used only until you can control your own health with better diet and exercise for cholesterol and blood pressure improvements ( for example ).

For me, I have had the benefit of seeing patients for a long time and I can see what happens with neglect and mismanagement of your health. I do not ever want to be like that. I hope one day you realize that you have control of your health and you can become healthier. It is never too late to start.

The question is when will you start? People will do more to avoid pain, then seek pleasure. You want to make a change? Associate a massive amount of pain to the situation you want to change. i.e. If you don't lose weight, you will never see your kids graduate, get married, or hold your grandchildren. You can change in an instant. You first must want it. I choose health and wellness!

Be well for today and tomorrow.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Do you have a health philosophy?

Do you have a health philosophy? Yes you do. Everyone does. It is a matter of how you view your health today and in the future. Your personal feelings about health, nutrition, exercise, etc. is what makes your health philosophy. 

Many people differ on how they view their health and future health. Some people eat well, exercise, don't smoke, take vitamins, and are pro-active with their health. Not just for today but for the future. I have several patients that start their day with their morning exercises and stretches. On the flip side of the coin, there are people that cannot "function" without their morning cigarette and coffee. 

Regardless of your belief system, you will be passing on your habits to your children as yours may have been passed onto you. I have seen first hand from patients what happens with an unhealthy lifestyle. I have seen how fast a youthful appearance has transformed to an unhealthy older looking person. I have seen patients gain massive amounts of weight in a short period of time from many reasons. I have also seen patients use too many medications and really fallen fast with their overall health. ( which many times, then patients justify that they need all those meds. )

My attitude is that my body is what I have to use for work, support my family, watch my kids grow up, and be able to enjoy what I enjoy. My family is first on my list. What is own your list? This attitude of this is what happens when you get older, is frankly an excuse. It is an excuse to be lazy, to give up, and not try. There is nothing normal about arthritis. You cannot say, I have this or that, and therefore I can't do this or that. Have you really tried to become healthier? Have you given it all you have? A patient told me she can't lose weight. I said did you try a,b or c? No was the answer. Can't is a dirty word, it is a 4 letter word. It is a word that is not allowed in my world.

I live in a world where by having great nutrition, that I am giving my body life vs. the opposite. Eating dead / dying food that has been processed, re-processed, pasteurized, and loaded with chemicals will literally suck the life out of you.

There is a world out there, where you give your body proper nutrition to avoid or replace deficiencies while removing toxins that can allow your body to function at the highest possible level of existence. The sad part of life, it is like a great book. It is the book of YOU. It is your book and belongs only to you. The book of YOU, has an introduction, has all the wonderful chapters, and sadly it has a conclusion. What will your book look like? In my world, my book is filled with chapter after chapter, it is still being written, it will have as many chapters as I can get into it. I have too many chapters that I want to be written before the conclusion. 

I want the same for you. A great novel, filled with all the chapters you can handle. We don't need chapter after chapter of sickness, pain, suffering, and with the lack of ability to enjoy future chapters. Take a look at yourself and ask, what can I do today to improve my health? Is it avoiding the drive-thru today and eating better? Is it adding a supplement to your diet? Can it be taking a walk with your family? Can it be laughing with a friend? Health does not always mean, eat perfect, add vitamins, get adjusted, repeat. You can improve your health in so many ways, just as easily is there are ways to hurt it.

I ask that you look at the book of YOU. Decide what is important for YOU. And then by setting a few goals, your book can be transformed into that copious novel. With each chapter better than the last. Your book's plot and story line is not set in stone, nor written in ink. You can add, copy, or paste new things to it. You cannot backspace or delete. The past chapters dictate your previous writings and represent the journey that you are on. You simply must decide that if it is the story that you want to continue with. My philosophy is that my greatest chapters have not even been written yet. My book is still evolving into a fantastic novel, that only I need to enjoy.

Be well for today and tomorrow.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fuel, Food, and Calories

The role our nutrition plays on our health is gigantic. Most people do not realize how much better they can feel without the use of medications or simply from a dietary change. Take joint pain for example. The majority of joint pain is not from old bones or bad joints. The majority of joint pain is simply from a malnourished diet. The Standard American Diet, abbreviated SAD, is just that - sad. We are simply too toxic and suffer from systemic inflammation.

*Note: that most heart attacks are not necessarily from clogged arteries, but rather from inflammation. This is why a proper diet combined with specific supplements, like Omega 3 fatty acids, can literally save your life.

Many people know I wrote a book about this very information, but I am surprised by the number of unhealthy and overweight people that say, I know that stuff. What stuff? Are you psychic and know what is in my book? And if you know that "stuff", why are you choosing to be unhealthy? This is YOUR health.

Somewhere along the way people get these ideas in the brain that things are a certain way, but in reality, they are not that way. Like eggs. Somehow eggs became this unhealthy food, that if you eat it, you better not eat the yolk as this will increase your cholesterol and is bad for you. Nothing is farther from the truth. Eggs are AWESOME for you. ( including the yolk) But an entire industry sells egg substitute this and egg white only that. I guess like the healthier diet soda. ( And that is a big roll of my eyes )

Also along the way, we are taught in school to say no to drugs, but the ones with a prescription are the good ones. Really? Prescription drugs kill more people than illegal drugs. I read a really good quote, "The body does not produce health when you contaminate it with filth."

There is a major disconnect when we assume that we can eat at Subway because somehow that is healthy for us? I don't care how many athletes they have in their commercials, Subway sticks to high heaven. cannot eat whatever because you exercised today.

How possibly can your body heal, mend, and function when you don't provide it with the fuel it needs? The answer is, it can't. Try mixing water and gas to save on your car's fuel and see how it performs. Consuming 1500 calories of McDonald's is NOT the same as 1500 calories of lean protein and healthy fats. It is NOT calories in and out, no matter how many My Fitness Pal apps you have on your phone. My friends are all counting calories, but having diet coke and processed foods. This is will not cut it if your goal is optimal health. Many people that exercise, cut calories. You need MORE calories to support your muscles from the increased activity, not less. They wonder why they lose pounds, ( not body fat ), and struggle after a month or so to keep losing the weight. If you want to lose pounds, ask any high school wrestling coach. If you want to have optimal health and a side effect is fat loss, eat healthy!

If you want to watch a nice short video, (that is not Duck Dynasty or Storage Wars) take a click on this link: