Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How's your poop?

You know that hardest thing about being a doctor? It's having years of experience and knowledge and then trying to explain that to a person that simply brushes it off based on their own belief systems. Doctor actually translates to "teacher". So as we prepare for our Thanksgiving feast, and move into Christmas, and the new year, I think it is appropriate to UN-learn what many of you think in regards to our health. That can start with one simple task.

I should say YOUR health not our health. At the end of the day it is YOUR health and your future health. Trust me when I tell you that the decisions you make today regarding your health can have a profound impact on your future health. I have seen many a patient get really old and sick too soon.

You must decide to take action. If you have been to one of my health classes, then you SHOULD know that health is in your hands and that you do have control of it. If you think that you MUST live on multiple meds and can't lose weight, then you have already lost. A great website is Mercola.com a medical doctor from Chicago that speaks volumes against the traditional way your doctor probably treats you. Natural news.com is also a great source of eye opening health information. Start looking at their stuff. It is really good.

Today I want to ask you the following:

So how is your poop? Yes # 2...your poop, how is it? Did you know in the last 3 weeks patients have been asking me if I am losing weight? I lost inches and body fat. How? I just followed all the information in my book the last month and my body is naturally not carrying excess fluid or ( stuff ). So how is your poop? Do you go # 2 daily and multiple times? Well let's talk about it. You need a bowel movement every day.

Your body produces waste that must be eliminated. If you are not going to the bathroom on having a bowel movement on a regular basis, I would check 2 sources of why. 

1. Your medications, Google the PDR and enter your medications and see if constipation is a side-effect. If it is, decide if that medication you absolutely need, and if not, stop taking it. Talk to your doctor about it. What you don't want to do is add a medication to fix something from another medication. 

2. It's your nutrition. If you are filling yourself with a lot of processed foods, dairy, soda, and junk, then you are setting yourself up for massive failure and this can create a tarry, sticky poop.

What that means is that you are not eliminating fully from your bowels and this can be a precursor to cancer of the bowels. And..if you do try an eat well, your intestines will be blocked to allow for full absorption of nutrients. The following is a partial list that can offer some help. Always remember that if any of these apply to you for longer than 1 or 2 weeks, it is time to go to your medical doctor.

If your poop is really black = go get checked. It may be a gall bladder problem or something more serious. Almost like tar, and really sticky on your buttocks.

If it is red, this can be an indication of blood in the stool, now before you panic, it may be from straining or a hemorrhoid. If it something you see routinely, then immediately go get checked.

If it is loose, but not really diarrhea, you may have eaten something that did not agree with you, you also could suffer from Celiac disease. Again, something to get checked out if this is routine.

If your poop floats more often, this can be excessive gas or a mal-absorption disease, inflammation, or problem with the pancreas. 

If your poop is really green it may be an indication of recent food choices or may be an infection. Again anything that occurs seldom is probably not a problem.

Over the summer when I was training, I hurt my knee and was out for about 12 weeks. Since it was so much fun eating fun foods all summer, I noticed my back pain, hip pain, and knee pain increase. I am too young for that kind of pain. This was all brought on by my toxic nutrition and poor choices. Creates chronic inflammation and this is a precursor to heart disease and cancers. Inflammation is a marker for heart trouble, not cholesterol.

Today I can tell you that I followed everything in my book. I started 3.5 weeks ago. I go cold turkey. It took me 2 days to remove the sugar cravings and get back to normal. Details: I dropped 2 inches and 11 pounds in that short period of time. This was excessive "stuff" your body holds onto during chronic poor nutrition.

Let me be the bearer of bad news. You can't go 5 great nutrition days and have 1 bad day and that equals 4 good days. 1 really bad day can send your system in flux for many days and up to 1 week. If you truly want to be healthier, with less pain, less fat, and more muscle, then you will have to make changes. You can enjoy foods and just never have a bad meal followed by a bad meal.

You decide on what YOU want for you. A great start is to buy my book from @ the following link. This gives you a nice easy read, and the proceeds from the book go to my charity run.

My book, will not only cause the scale to go down, but positively affect your blood work. Anyone can drop pounds on a scale, you want ( need ) fat loss with muscle gain. But first, you must control your nutrition, or it will control you.

There are 3 categories of people:

People that MAKE things happen

People that WATCH things happen

and people that walk around saying, "what's happening?"

Decide on who you are and where you will be going. I am always here to help. The fastest way to make a change with your health is to associate enough pain with not taking action. Think about what NOT changing will bring. If you associate enough misery, sadness, and pain to it, you will change the behavior and pattern. Always focus on the positive outcome, but you must recognize what happens without change. Enuf sed!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

What were we thinking...?

We had a not so pleasant experience in our office on Thursday. We thought we would share it, so we can avoid it in the future.

Yes...during all day on Thursday, we decided to change things up. We played COUNTRY MUSIC all day...Yes that was the big problem for us this week, COUNTRY MUSIC! ARGH!

We were so busy helping and serving so many patients including grandma's, kids, babies, and everyone else, that we forgot we were playing country music.

The truth is we have had so many patients SAVE money this week and the past month. The patient not needing that MRI scheduled 4 weeks out, as they are better under our care and were able to cancel it or the overwhelming amount of patients that did not need their medications anymore, or the many that are taking way less medications and skipping the next "routine" injection. People continue to save money while more importantly IMPROVING their health under natural chiropractic care at MY office.

Funny about country music: by playing the songs backwards you get your car back, your dog back, and your wife back...(LOL).  I know there is more than 1 country singer, but why does all the music sound exactly the same? Enough already!

My office appreciates all the kind works, referrals, and all the patients that are really staying well under our care. We set records in every category for my office last month. I am humbled by all of this. We have the best facility, equipment, and the best staff in the area. If you doubt that, come check us out and compare. My office always has your best interest at heart. We care about you! We are the best!

Health is a choice. You must decide to improve it, maintain it, or avoid it.

Just having some fun about the country music. As always, be well for today and tomorrow!

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Thank you!

Dr. Rich Sheppard
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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Just eat less, exercise more - right ?

Weight watchers, Jenny Craig, Slim Fast, and insert any other similar program or company loves to sell the erroneous fact that weight loss is accomplished by lowering your calories and moving more. On the flip side, many people feel that they can eat whatever they want as long as they exercise. This is also false.

If you desire to simply lose weight on the scale, I suggest you go to the local high school and talk with the wrestling coach on how to make weight. What you SHOULD desire is a healthy lifestyle that loses FAT, promotes MUSCLE gain, and allows for great health.

Yes, if you restrict calories, you will lose weight TEMPORARILY. Typically from the fact that you are not eating as much junk and your body normally has too much inflammation systemically and will cause a drop in weight on the scale. This is almost never fat. If you restrict calories too much you will lose muscle and bone. YUCK!

Recently many patients are discussing this new diet that talks about revving the metabolism. So many things do that already, but is not always the culprit in weight GAIN. When you find a diet that says, eat carbs today, then protein tomm, then fats the third day, is nothing unique or special that will affect your long-term health. You never want to start following some pattern thinking that will "trick" or fool your metabolism and you will start simply burn more calories. Your body will adjust. Your body will always adjust its internal chemistry based on balance and survival.

Your body always wants to be in balance. Chemically and Structurally (CHIROPRACTIC!)

Many examples of this. If you need your coffee fix in the morning, after about 30 days of this habit, your body will slow down from the stimulant it gets all the time. You will actually have less energy then you would without caffeine at all. All those medications that you think you need long-term actually have a exponentially declining process, that makes them less and less effective. YOUR BODY ADAPTS.*

* side note this why people are always searching for a new doctor or pain clinic as their pain isn not resolving with the current meds.

The worst thing you can do is exercise AND REDUCE calories. You will very quickly determine that your energy stinks, you're hungry, moody, and lethargic. This is no different than filling your car with gas ( fuel ) and driving it at 10mph vs. driving at 80mph. The more work your body does, the more FUEL it NEEDS. The less work, the less gas. This is why in my book I discuss, that on heavy weight training or exercise days, you will need more food on those days, not less. 

Hey look at the actor / wrestler the ROCK. He played Hercules. You think he just exercised and cut his calories. NOPE! He ate all the time. Google his meal plan during training for that movie, you would be shocked.

When we have apps like My Fitness Pal that use calories in and out as their "solution", it offers the problem with people don't understand how the body functions. And.. if you did know how the body works, you would be at my office with every family member getting regular adjustments. 

Here is why calories in / out does not work....

3500 cals = 1 pound. A calorie deficit of 500 cals / day x 7 days = 3500 therefore 1 pound per week should be lost.
Do some math: 52 weeks in a year, be even the first 2 weeks ( no gains or losses )...50 weeks left.
follow above..then a 200lb person will weight 150 after year 1.

Repeat for year 2, will that person now weigh 100 ? NO...they wont, the body will slow down and adjust to the lower calories by not allowing that to occur. You cannot eat pizza or bread as long as you are under some calorie number. It is not the calorie but the food TYPE you are choosing.

If you want to lose fat, let me first say, learn to change your eating habits. Just like learning a new exercise, learning to control the nutrition will have more of a positive effect on your health then any new exercise ever can. People now rush over to CrossFit or hot Yoga for the latest trend.

All foods can be isocaloric, but they are not all isometabolic. Meaning the same calories count does not mean the same effect on the body. Sugar, white bread, and processed carbs will cause blood sugar to go nuts. Do this too long and you will become a fat storing machine. Most people burn sugar and not fat. FLIP THE SWITCH.

So what will you do walk or jog? Slow exercises promote fat storage nut burning.

The most efficient and most effective way to burn fat and improve muscle mass ( which helps with your overall health and function ) is the following:

eat lean protein
lots of vegetables
add good healthy fats to your nutrition (lots of good fats) like 20% worth
supplement with omega 3 fatty acids
supplement with magnesium
supplement with Vit C
drink only water
add interval training and weigh training

If you exercised efficiently 3x / week as above..then ate like the list. You would feel and look better than you thought possible. The best part you prevent many heart issues and cancers. The leading causes of death in this country. So many cancers are related directly to our deficiencies with our diet. We are overfed, but undernourished. You can do it, I know you can. Just don't give up. It is your health and future health.

Math is numbers, but science is science. As a doctor of chiropractic for 18 years What I do here is pure science, not science fiction. For more detailed info, contact me or better yet..get a copy of my book in any format you like @ NoGymGoSlim.com
Be well for today and tomorrow!