Monday, September 21, 2015

The RLS Challenge

STARTS: FRI morning when you wake up! Get excited!
ENDS: Sunday night when you go to sleep. (this never should end!)

RULES: You are only allowed to drink water! YES YOU CAN.
NO's: soda, diet soda, energy drinks, milk, coffee, teas, fruit drinks. ONLY clean water!

RULES: You must eat breakfast each day*. Get up early if you have to or make the breakfast the night before. You must have protein in the morning. Eggs are a great choice. If you want you can add a high quality protein shake in addition to the eggs, but without artificial sweeteners. (no Splenda or NutraSweet).
NO's: Breads, none. No white, wheat, white-wheat, whole grain, 40-grain, nothing. NO BREADS.

RULES: Eat 3 meals per day but *skip FRIDAY's breakfast if you had a large late meal on THURSDAY, for a little intermittent fasting. Try and make breakfast your largest meal of the 3, (but don't pig out or stuff yourself) and your dinner the smallest. Eat LEAN protein like chicken or fish and include vegetables with lunch and dinner. Grab some healthy nuts and snack on them between meals if you want.
NO's: very little fruits. Look at our chart below. Plenty of blue-berries are great. Too much fruit can be a sugar overload.

Breakfast tip: Crack 1 or 2 eggs into a muffin tin and add some veges and just a sprinkle of cheese for flavor and bake them. Then pop them out in the morning, warm them up and you are good to go.

C8H10N4O2...a.k.a. caffeine is not something you need. It really offers nothing to your health. If you are up for the challenge then this is a great way to get off it and get it out of your body. It really is a poison. You will have MORE energy without it.

RESULTS: Monday morning should be amazing for you. You will have more energy and more clarity. You will feel better all around with less cravings for sugars and breads. Don't be surprised if you have dropped several pounds.

All of this nutritional information and more is in my book located @ 

Be well for today and tomorrow! Dr. Sheppard, D.C.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

3 Big Wins! (for you!)

You know you may not have time to read these cases, instead scroll down and watch my videos. At my office, we are on a MISSION to help people live healthier lives, without the need for medications, injections, or suffering after painful spinal surgery. We want everyone to live with great energy and vitality that you can get at my office with chiropractic wellness care and excellent nutritional advice. 

AND...that is exactly what people are getting here. "Love it!"

When we help someone that is a win for that person. "WINS" is what we are about. I think I am a born again chiropractor. I mean, I love what I am doing. Nothing gets me more excited than when a person gets better with under my care. After 20 years of adjusting patients, I expect and know you WILL get better. Sometimes it's the different cases or that different situation that makes me more excited to come to my office and serve the masses.

This may benefit someone you know and care about.

3 "wins":

8 year-old labeled and poorly diagnosed with ADHD and told by her M.D. not to take my nutritional advice.
Watch @

71 year-old man with pain all over. The orthopedic said they can "try" surgery, but he may not wake up, 
his comments are "SHOCKING".
Watch @

58 year-old man with diabetic neuropathy, did not need 
a COLD LASER program treatment for thousands of dollars instead was helped for next to nothing.
Watch @

Be healthy for today and tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How do you find a good chiropractor in 10 steps.

Many of you have benefited from my type of chiropractic care. My care is "traditional" chiropractic care. In my humble opinion it's a dying art form. This is really sad! This makes it hard to find a good chiropractor. Some of you may recall that I had a chiropractor in my office sharing space for a few years. She was a nice person with great knowledge of chiropractic science, but she had difficulty with the art of adjusting. 

Compare this to lifting weights. You can get great health benefits from weight lifting, but if your form and timing are wrong, your benefits will lack. When I took over her patients they then got better.

I feel many chiropractors have good hearts, care about their patients, and know the science, but fail miserably at the ART of adjusting. I care for every one of my patients and it's not only my job to help you, it is my oath and responsibility.

When I moved here, it took me months to finally get a good chiropractic adjustment. All chiropractors are not created the same. While two medical doctors may come up with the same diagnosis, they both will write a similar prescription. Chiropractic is way different and HOW we treat is the basis of YOUR results.

Back to spinal needs: Ever wonder why grandma shrinks as she gets older? Not from weak bones, but from losing fluid within the discs. Poor spinal alignment and lack of full spinal motion creates that in everyone. Don't allow that to happen in your life. It is happening right now without routine alignments.

Can you slow that down? 

Chiropractic adjustments allow for optimal motion and alignment which decreases disc pressure and "feeds" the disc. Chiropractic is far more than lower back pain. It allows your nervous system to function better. Chiropractic patients benefit from lower blood pressure, better immunity, less stress. Over 90% of my patients return for wellness and preventative care.

Here is an interesting thought: Let's say you see me for headaches. I have successfully eliminated headaches for years and confident that I can help you. But...what if I also did acupuncture? At what point of care do I decide that chiropractic and the spine are not helping and I need to add acupuncture? ...or...since acupuncture is about $ 50 per visit cash only and your insurance only pays me $ there is a conflict. Is my decision business or doing what is right for the patient?

Sadly, this kind of conflict happens every day within the orthopedic office. Patients that can get better with chiropractic care OR do not need a surgery, can end up with surgery. Who loses? You do.

The medical community uses scary terms like (RUPTURED DISC) and perform procedures that are counter productive to healing. (INJECTIONS) which actually weaken supporting tissues can set the patient up for a future surgery.

What about a cold-laser to the chiropractic practice. Does a laser treatment (around $ 50 / session cash) offer the patient an added benefit or is that just another business decision? I been researching lasers for years, and I still am not sure if the benefits are there.

There's nothing wrong with offering multiple healing options as long as they are for YOU and needed. I know a chiropractor in Chicago that when you leave his office, you bought a TENS unit, ORTHOTIC inserts, massage package, and 3-4 supplements. While all these things may promote less pain or better health, they certainly don't represent what chiropractic care can do. Does someone really need all of that "stuff"? People can get better with traditional chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care is so simple that I think people (patients) want to make it more complex than it is. Please do the following experiment:

Take a rubber band and wrap it tightly around the tip of your finger. Wait a few minutes and look at your finger. Is the tip a different color? Is it red? Do you have pain? Is there numbness at the tip? Regardless of the symptom, let's look at our healing choices.

Take some Tylenol               This will not fix the problem.
Get an injection                   This will not fix the problem.
Get it massaged                  This will not fix the problem.
Stretch it                               This will not fix the problem
 Take stronger meds              This will not fix the problem.
 Get surgery                                 This will not fix the problem.
 Wrap it w/ kinesio tape         This will not fix the problem.

Remove the rubber band! 

This removes the pressure and interference and watch what happens to your finger. A rubber band on for minutes will take seconds to repair. Spinal nerve pressure for YEARS, can take months to repair. 

Chiropractic care has been helping people for thousands of years before the drug companies came around. You can continue to live on  harmful drugs or elect to try a surgery - all with side-effects or / and long-term consequences that you cannot reverse. -OR- you can allow your body to function the way it was intended to. Naturally. Just give it time.

I am a chiropractor. I remove subluxations from the spine to allow your body to function at its highest level possible. I have been blessed with a strong chiropractic body that allows me to give you the best adjustment. Chiropractic works when you give it the time your body needs to heal.

How do you find a good chiropractor and what to avoid.

1. Feel like you got adjusted when you leave. This does not mean it has to be sore, but you should feel more motion almost each time. 

2. Never sign any long-term contracts or yearly plans. You should make progress before you commit to any further care.

3. Been told one magic top bone will fix all the rest. (bad!)

4. Find someone that listens to you and takes time with you. 

5. Someone that has years of experience handling your type of cases.

6. Does not push other types of care on you that you don't want or certainly don't need.

7. Has a good reputation in town.

8. Takes only necessary x-rays and will refer you for advanced diagnostic tests or imaging if needed.

9. Generates referrals and from local medical doctors.

10. Lastly, responds to the name, Dr. Sheppard!

One body, one spine, one life. You choose.

Be healthy for today and tomorrow.